Receive commissioned quotatione

• Receive drawings

• Confirm the schedule

• Surface treatment methods

• Packing method

• Inspection standard

• Transportation means


Quotation making

• The quotation standard is based on the area, shape difficulty, surface condition, and cleaning level, and the quotation is made using the unit price specified by the company. 


Quotation negotiation

• Negotiation of quotation content.


Take order

• After receiving the order, sign and stamp on it and send to the customer, after checking the content of the order.




•Warehouse-in inspection: Check whether there is any abnormality in the transportation process, and check the content agreed with the customer, based on the company's check items. When there is any dispute on the product, inform the customer and operate only after negotiation.

• Formal operation:Work in accordance with the standard agreed with the customer, and strictly perform the inspection between the processes to ensure that the quality is at no risk.

• Warehouse-out inspection:After completing the procedure, implement quality inspection objectively, according to the inspection standard agreed with the customer and the company's inspection items. 



• Packaging: After completing the inspection, pack according to the packaging standard agreed. 
• Prepare warehouse-out related documents. 

• Deliver according to the delivery content agreed with the customer.



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